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  • If I need to relocate, can Expat Rental Scout assist ?

    We have contacts for you to assist you on moving out, painting, cleaning and for refurbishment. If you need anything, just let us know! 

  • What documents are necessary to rent an apartment ?

    If you are a paid employee we will need a copy of the following documents:

    -  valid ID.

    -  recent 3 pay slips.

    -  contract of employment, signed by employee and employer. If the contract of employment has to be drawn up and/or signed, a signed statement from the employer will be sufficient. This can be found in the appendix.

    - in addition you can include a screenshot of your bank account.

    If you are from outside the EU, we will need a valid residence permit. Each employee that is from outside the EU of EER needs, in order to carry out paid or unpaid labour in the Netherlands, to have valid residence documents (visa, MVV, residence permit).

    If you are self-employed (Limited, Unlimited, Foundation etc.) the following documents are required for assessment:

    - recent annual accounts.

    - recent income tax return last year.

    Do you want to rent with a guarantee? We need the documents mentioned above, from the person which guarantees. 

    Please send all documents organized in one e-mail to info@expatrentalscout.com.

    Only when these documents are delivered properly, we can actively search for suitable rental housing.

  • Who is contacting the utility companies after I move in or out when the rent is exclusive utilities ?

    Expatrentalscout is helping you free of charge with the utility companies. Also we assist on the check-in and check-out to wright down the meter numbers, that is important for extra security with your deposit. 

  • When do I need to pay the rent, deposit and fee ?

    Normally you pay everything between signing the rental contract and getting the keys of the apartment. 

  • What happens if I break my lease agreement, do we get any penalties?

    Normally it depends on the contract what is possible or not. We will assist you with the breakup of the lease contract without penalties. It depends on the contract and the owner how we going to do that exactly. 

  • Can I use my deposit to pay the last months rent ?

    If it's in the contract it's possible and if not then only when the landlord agrees on it. Normally they don’t accept it and give back your deposit after a clean check-out. 

  • Can I expect any extra costs at the end of my tenancy ?

    There are no extra costs after your tenancy. Only if you damage something in the property or leave it really dirty. Expat Rental Scout will give you advise and assist on check out. If you want to be sure of not getting extra costs you can get a insurance, we can assist also on that. 

  • How can I protect my deposit?

    We will make a dossier by the check-in of all the good and bad things in the apartment. If the conditions are the same as during the check-in then you get back your full deposit. 

  • When do I get my deposit back ?

    Normally you will get it back within 28 days after de check-out, most of the time within 14 days. If you didn’t receive it on time, don’t hesitate to contact Expat Rental Scout. 


  • How do I register at the local government/town hall ?

    Expatrentalscout will help you on registering at the local government/town hall.

  • Who do I contact if there is something during my rental time ?

    If there is something wrong with the apartment then it's best to get in contact with the owner by phone or email. If you don’t get a response then call or email Expat Rental Scout and we will figure it out. 

  • What are the costs of using Expat Rental Scout as a real estate agency ?

    Expat Rental Scout operates on ''no-cure no-pay''. This means; creating a profile, the use of the website and viewing properties is completely free. Only when you have signed a rental contract we charge a fee. This fee is the equivalent of 1 month rent excluding VAT. 


  • How can i schedule a viewing?

    If you are interested to visit a property, we recommend that you schedule an appointment. If there are no standard viewing moments planned then it's best to call +31 620 261 64 83 WhatsApp at +31615261919 or email info@expatrentalscout.com, to immediately schedule a viewing.

  • Are the properties reliable ?

    Expat Rental Scout is a unique platform in the Netherlands. Every property we add contains one or more pictures, details and an explanation. This is to show the property as clear and transparent as possible. The properties come from different mediums such as real estate companies, our own private network, websites, Facebook pages and other social media.

  • Can i still change my housing wishes after i created a profile ?

    By logging in to your personal profile you can easily change your housing whishes. Would this not work, please contact Expat Rental Scout by mail or telephone. 

  • How do i sign out ?

    This can easily be done by logging in to your profile and press delete profile at the bootim of the page.

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